Ukraine: Putin backs down after Cameron threatens to watch Strictly instead of Paralympics

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The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has hurriedly agreed to pull back his forces stationed in the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea after British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday he will be staying away from the Paralympics in Sochi and not even watching it on telly in protest at Moscow’s moves to annex the peninsula in all but name.

Despite Ukraine mobilising for war and Washington threatening to isolate Russia economically, President Vladimir Putin only showed signs of nervousness and agreed to loosen his iron grip on Crimea after Mr Cameron announced he would also be instructing other UK government ministers to watch old episodes of Strictly Come Dancing instead of the Paralympics if Moscow refused to back down.

And in an illustration of how seriously the UK government is taking the biggest threat to European security since the end of the Cold War, Mr Cameron underlined his…

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Bobby Sands begins hunger strike 1 march 1981.



The 1981 Hunger Strike started with Sands refusing food on 1 March 1981. Sands decided that other prisoners should join the strike at staggered intervals to maximise publicity with prisoners steadily deteriorating successively over several months.
The hunger strike centred on five demands:

the right not to wear a prison uniform;
the right not to do prison work;
the right of free association with other prisoners, and to organise educational and recreational pursuits;
the right to one visit, one letter and one parcel per week;
full restoration of remission lost through the protest.[26]

The significance of the hunger strike was the prisoners’ aim of being declared political prisoners (or prisoners of war) as opposed to criminals.

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